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Voluptuous blonde Mary Monroe awesome sex with the rich guy

Everyone knows what a Gold Digger is - right? Those pampered bitches that want only what you can give them - apartments, cars, yachts, designer clothes and accessories. These spoiled bitches deserve to get SCREWED! So in SCREW A GOLD DIGGER that's exactly what we do - fuck the bitch hard and teach her a lesson!

Blonde, big-titted teen MERY MONRO is the kind of nymphet Gold Digger some men fantasize about. She is nineteen, with breasts like ripe melons, a round ass like a peach and the kind of lips that need to suck on cock. She does not care how big your dick is - just so long as your wallet is nice and thick!

She is sunning herself on a bench when along comes Stud CHAD with his old friend, FRANK. Cunningly FRANK makes out he is an old time Move Producer vacationing in Tenerife because of his weak heart. His talk of million invested in movies and his homes in Monte Carlo, Paris and London is enough to get MERY`s pussy juices all wet. At first she wants nothing to do with the old man but once he talks of riches she is suddenly his best friend. CHAD & FRANK invite MERY to join them for some drinks at their luxury villa.

We cut to the pool deck of the villa where MERY and CHAD bring FRANK. From this top deck there is a superb view of Tenerife and across to the neighbouring islands set in an azure sea. FRANK tells CHAD to go and fetch some champagne while MERY is only too happy to step out of her clothes and tease the old dude by rubbing her natural "D" cup gazongas in his face. He is loving it but all the excitement brings on a fake heart attack and CHAD rushes to the rescue. FRANK now suggests that as he has a weak heart it would be a special treat to see MERY suck CHAD`s dick, a real visual thrill for the oldtimer. MERY, who is dreaming of money, is only too happy to oblige.

CHAD gives the Gold Digger slut a super-rich fucking. He starts with a sloppy blowjob, pushing his cock deep down her throat so that MERY is forced to gag on it. Spit and drool follow..But MERY has an amazing blowjob technique and can deep throat his tool...This action is a teaser for some doggy fucking and doggy with a leg up near the pool. Soon its time for anal as CHAD pushes his thick dick tight up her Cadbury`s Canal. MERY begs for more. This is one hot anal queen - she takes all the cock he can give her and squeals with delight begging for a hard ass-fucking ! The couple do a long cowgirl anal with plenty of nasty ass-to-mouth, then reverse cowgirl anal and pussy. This leads to more anal, this time in a spoons position.

Finally, with MERY on her knees begging CHAD to unload his jism in her face, our Stud obliges, laying a thick layer of spunk on her tongue.. A grateful slut smiles with pleasure.. CHAD goes off to fetch a towel. But then up jumps old FRANK, proving he is very fit and it has all been a scam! He asks MERY for a blowjob. She replies "Don`t be disgusting ! What do you think I am ?" To this CHAD & FRANK have an instant answer - "You`re a Gold Digger !"

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