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Gold Digger Audi Porking with Linda Leclair and Raul Costa

GOLD DIGGER - "Audi PORKING" Its a lovely day in the countryside and our hero (played by stud RAUL) is quietly enjoying the view by the side of a gleaming new Audi. Along comes Gold Digger LINDA LECLAIR, tall, leggy, with the kind of ass men die for, out for a country jog - though Linda`s idea of a "jog" is what you and me call a fuck!

Dressed in tight running pants, she spots the Audi with the intensity of a born gold digger bitch, and then claims to have sprained her ankle. RAUL offers to massage it as he tells her all about the car. LINDA is turned on and admits that expensive fast cars and then men who drive them make her feel horny! Soon she is coming on strong to the guy and suggesting they fuck on the spot. He is also turned on - but much wiser; he suggests a friend`s place not far away. They get into the vehicle and roar away.

At the house LINDA can`t wait to fuck - she starts by slobbering all over his big dick, licking the knob, taking it deep into her mouth, as RAUL makes her worship his fat cock. Then its time for some pussy licking - LINDA has a tight, trim cunt and the guy eagerly buries his tongue in her twat, giving the slut`s clitoris a good work-out. LINDA groans with pleasure. When the slut`s cunt is suitably lubricated with male spittle, RAUL slips his dick inside and starts fucking the bitch, gradually increasing the motions until he is working her over real good. We move from spoons to missionary so you can enjoy the girl`s slim, natural body and perfect tits.

Other positions include cowgirl and reverse cowgirl as LINDA sits on the big dick deep inside her pussy. She rides him like the real pro she is, the cock sliding perfectly up and down with the help of her well-lubricated cunt. LINDA is really enjoying herself and determined to have an orgasm.

Finally its doggy and RAUL works his dick in and out using the whore`s tight ass cheeks to help his deep penetration. Finally, with a shudder, he drops a full load of cum inside the whore`s cunt. You can enjoy the sight as this thick cream oozes out of the gold digger`s pussy in best cream pie fashion.

The mobile rings. RAUL answers and says he will drop off the Audi asap as its been at the garage. LINDA guesses - wrongly - that RAUL owns a garage, but he says he is just a mechanic. But you own a Audi, replies LINDA. "No", I never ever said the car was mine, replies RAUL truthfully. He explains that he was just test fine-tuning the machine before delivery. Then says he realised that LINDA was a classic gold digger but fancied a fuck ! She has been well and truly screwed!

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