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Flirtatious Gold Digger Alyssa Reece screwing hard with Raul Costa

There is a sexy tourist, stalking a guy at the lake house. ALYSSA REECE approached RAUL COSTA and ask if she can sit beside him. She is not digging the hot weather. Thanks to her previous relationships with rich oldies. She visits the city for him but decided to chill with RAUL and have the guts to ask him for juice. Good thing RAUL is kindhearted and kind of attracted to this chick and gave her one.

She shares her story and this gold miner allude if she can take a bath with crystals. It is so obvious and RAUL entertains her with her story and brags about his riches such as his boat. He even mentions his house at Greece and large houses nearby. ALYSSA knows no boundaries and decides to flirt with him by complimenting his body. She said she is bored as fuck in a cheerful way and RAUL replies by taking her in one of his houses.

Back in the living room, they continue drinking the juice as this gold digger is amazed at what she is seeing. Besides the minimalistic design of the house and the palm trees surrounding it, she didn’t mind getting drunk as she starts getting horny and initiates rough lovemaking with RAUL. Of course, who wouldn’t deny a free pussy, RAUL fight back as he slaps her big butt and licks the heck out of her already wet pussy? He even fingers it as rough and as fast as he can making ALYSSA scream for her first orgasm.

This naughty woman wants revenge in a good way and wants to please this rich man with her blowjob skills. It was an epic blowjob as she tries to let him fuck her mouth as deep as he can. She didn’t mind gagging as long as she can get inside of RAUL’s sexual pleasure. Once RAUL COSTA’s cock gets as hard and lubricated he finally starts fucking this parasite’s trimmed cunt. ALYSSA REECE is screaming loud and talking dirty as she got fuck hard in spoon and cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.

“Your cock is amazing” That is what Alyssa Reece first words. She pumps her hips as hard and as fast as she can. Both become sweaty with all the rough hardcore action. For the second time, this gold digger got lick on her sweet tight cunt and even had a rim job. These two combination leads to her second explosive orgasm. We are not sure it is a second as this bitch is multi-orgasmic.

Once ALYSSA got that cock fucking her in dogstyle she knew she will attract the rich RAUL COSTA with her butt and her tightness of her pussy. That is why she let him creampie her wet pussy by cumming inside. That is a sudden decision. It is one of ALYSSA REECE’s evil plans to make him fall in love with him and share with her all of his bling bling.

Unfortunately for her, RAUL knows everything she plans as she is obvious as fuck. He says she is the gold digger right into her face that left ALYSSA’s jaw wide open. She kinda admits it in the end though, good for her.

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