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Auto scam gets gold digger Scarlett Domingo laid

Out in the lovely rocky countryside of Tenerife with a hot sun overhead and the blue Atlantic Ocean in the distance a hot bitch is watching the main road using her binoculars. She is Spanish sex slut SCARLETT, clearly Gold Digger Variety, dressed in skintight denim shorts, and a striking red blouse with, of course, high heels. She has set up her car as if broken down. When a guy stops and offers to help she is not interested. Our gold digger is waiting for something special - a rich guy in a big car!

When she finally spots a flashy car coming along the road, sexy SCARLETT, hands on hips, is right there begging for help. The car stops and Spanish stud Portro gets out. He admits that fixing old cars is not his thing, but that the hot babe can jump in with him, if she likes, and they can call a mechanic from his villa a mile or two away. She agrees and they set off leaving her clapped out motor.

Out by the pool at the villa SCARLETT is duly impressed. Portro orders up a mechanic and the slut wants to say thank you in the only way she knows how - by sucking some cock. Soon she is down on her knees by the pool and licking the end of Portro`s big knob, running her tongue up and down his shaft and trying to choke on it as he stuffs it down the bitch`s throat.

Not wanting to cum too soon, he breaks for some pussy licking, laying SCARLETT down by the pool as he laps lustily at her trim pink clit. She loves it as he sticks his tongue inside her cunt and spits and sucks on the juices.

Ready to fuck, the horny duo start with cowgirl position as SCARLETT rides the thick dick shoved manfully up her pussy. His dick gleams with cunt juice in the sunshine. After some minutes Portro swivels his bitch round so she is facing camera. Here she can control the dick better and we can see her tight and tanned body. The stud pounds his meat into her cunt making her bounce up and down on the long shaft of his dong. Next he moves her into doggy, the tight globes of her ass cheeks facing him and turning him - and us - on as he rams his dick up her cunt. She is loving every second of this hard, athletic fuck!

Portro knows he is getting close to cumming so he stops for a time for some more blow job. It gives SCARLETT a chance to lick her cunt juice off his dick. Nothing nastier than tasting your own juices and it only serves to turn the little whore on some more. She is begging for more fucking and Portro replies by putting his bitch into a spoons position, her long body facing camera, as he fucks her hard from behind. SCARLETT screams with delight!

Finally she gets on her knees and begs him to unload all his jism in her face. The stud has held out a long time but he is more than ready now to blast her pretty face with thick loads of cum - on her tongue and in streaks down her chin.

After tidying themselves up, SCARLETT says she would love to see more of Portro, but he says that once was enough - the sex was fantastic but he does not want a gold digger whore girlfriend. He says that he realised the car had been a set-up and the best thing SCARLETT can do is get on her high heels and walk back to the old car. Pushing her out of the door he says its quite a long way and "Adios baby" ! That`s the way to treat fucking gold diggers!

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