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Kai Taylor
Kai Taylor

United Kingdom

  • 35
  • 6 ft 3 in (191 cm) Height
  • 81 lbs (37 kg) Weight
  • Brunette Hair
  • Hazel Eye

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Kai (rhymes with "high") Taylor started working in adult in Britain a decade ago. "I was working at a builder's merchant, next door to Bluebird Films. People came in all the time to build sets and we all knew they were shooting porn in there. I've wanted to be a porn star since I was eight years old—I was a little wanker, trust me—and one day a guy walked in and I said 'I know your face.'

"He said 'I'm Ben Dover.'

"I said 'You're not my type.' [Laughter]

"He helped me get into the industry. I did one for Bluebird and then with Ben Dover. We were the Bad Knicker Police. In 2010, August the 2nd I did my first scene, August the 10th I did my second scene. We did the pictures, I did a cum shot in the pictures, ten minutes later we did half a scene, did a cum shot again, about 20 minutes later I did another scene, did another cum shot in the space of two hours. I couldn't do that nowadays. That got me a show reel and that got me all my work. If you can do that you can do anything."

Extremely high energy—he's whippet-thin, talks a mile a minute, free-associating, and will inquisitively inspect everything in your office—Taylor had to raise his two-year-old brother at a young age due to family problems. "I had to be an adult before my time. I never knew a childhood. If I'm hyperactive like a big-ass kid, It's because I never did it before. I'm a big kid." Plans to come to the US in 2013 fell through when "I met a Spanish girl, fell in love, moved to Madrid. Fucked it [the trip to L.A.] off. I got bored of it, though. Sometimes, two scenes a day, six times a week, I was burning myself out. I never had money and I was throwing it everywhere. I became an English teacher, personal trainer, and semi-professional boxing champion of Madrid in 2014."

He returned to England in 2016 to shoot for Digital Playground and DDF, and DDF "told me if you move here, we'll give you one scene a week. Every week. It was like a handshake contract." He also shot in Eastern Europe during this time. He came to the United States in May 2019 to shoot in Arizona and Los Angeles (and stopped by the AVN office for this interview). Taylor says he shot one scene nonstop for 50 minutes—"Did all these random positions like I like doing, European style"—and when the producer told Taylor he was a great performer, "I told him I didn’t step out of second gear."

Taylor says he made an impression on Jonni Darkko during a blowbang with Gia DiMarco. "He loved me. He said I was a bit of a pervert, the things I did. I didn't want to sit back. I wanted to show my face, show my English character. I'm known for humor, for energy. I can be serious, but when I find a funny situation I use it to keep the energy flowing, to keep the morale. 'Fucking hell, this one's a bit wild, isn’t he?' I've never had a bad American girl suck my dick. Your girls know how to suck dick. They must go to some sort of college to learn how to suck dick. It's the Dick Sucking College of America. I said 'I love America!' and everybody was like 'Yeah! You're the man!' America's got talent, you know? He said he liked my energy."

He works out by boxing. "I was almost a professional boxer. I was on the brink of it, many times. When I get in the ring, there's a different side of me. A bit flamboyant, I still smile, but there's venom in my shots. Outside the ring, I'm all about love and peace.

"People say I'm intimidating, but I'm a big soft teddy bear."


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