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Aila Donovan
Aila Donovan

United States

  • 31
  • 32A - 24 - 34 Measurements
  • 168cm - 5ft 6in Height
  • Brown Hair
  • Brown Eye

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Aila Donovan is a relatively new starlet, from the pre-Covid times. In fact, she only did 4 scenes before the pandemic, when shootings were shut down.

She grew up in Northern California. Born in 1989, she started this business at a relatively late stage, being 31 when she first did porn. She has 11 siblings, and she is the second oldest.

Lost her virginity when she was 21, at the beginning of her adulthood. She blames being homeschooled, and lack of social life - her parents are and were very protective of her.

However when she started to feel the taste of it, she did it hardcore. As per her testimony, she stopped counting the guys she was sleeping with after 200. I guess it is just the logical step to move into porn with such a rapid experience behind her...

Oh we said guys? Not exclusively she sleeps with guys - she also is very interested in being with girls. Does not call herself a lesbian or bisexual per se, but she has a "natural couriosity" as she calls it. After homeschool, she worked at various restaurants, bars and night clubs which gave her the opportunity to get to know people. Social life is what she is now missing the most during these socially distanced times.

When she decided to start doing porn, she was fed up with the hospitality industry though. And just as you would think - she decided it is time that she gets paid for what she loves the most. Having sex with random people! Having a big name in the gay porn scene as a best friend, he introduced her to some agencies in the Los Angeles area. And she also went to GayVN in Vegas in 2019 to get the feel of that whole World of porn.

Her name "Donovan" comes from his best friend actually, whos stage name also is Donovan. They decided to create a sort of brand around that name. Aila just sounds good with Donovan, so that was it. Rumour has it, that she decided with an "A" letter first name, because when they list the nominees for awards, they always list it alphabetical.

Her favorite position is doggy, and she gets really horny sexting. In particular she loves how people describe different sexual experiences with different words. That gives her an idea of how that individual thinks which makes her super wet.

She masturbates every day, and her favorite toy is a smooth bullet dildo, in the color of blue. While masturbating, she prefers to close her eyes, and remember a sexual intercourse she had before and recreate it with the help of her toy. She does not watch porn too much, though she started to recently. With a guy, he prefers middle sized cocks - so her dildo is also mid-size.

She is an open minded girl. Would do anal, creampie, interracial scenes in front of the camera, and a mixture of those and even more. Swallow or titshot egal to her - she can handle both.

In life, she is after tall, dark and handsome guys. Being fit is a must, as she also takes care of herself regularly in the gym, as we could see in her scenes as well.

As a real pet lover, she now proudly own a big husky, with whom she goes to the wilderness all the time for hikes. In music, she follows the current trends, like pop music, house music a bit, and she also into latino current hits. When she watches television, she is into funny TV shows, such as Archer or How I Met Your Mother.

Since she works out a lot, she can't really eat whatever she loves. And she loves pastas of all kinds!

If interested, look out for her on Twitter @AilaDonovannn. Or here on Only3X where we hope to see her in more scenes!

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